Our Story

Olea Herbals was born from the belief that for every toxic substance, there’s a gentler alternative. Our founder, Olivia, always trusted that Mother Nature knew what she was doing. This idea was reaffirmed through the courses and clinical experience she obtained while studying nutrition and clinical herbalism. Learning about the harmful chemicals we put into our bodies got Olivia thinking about the ones we put on our largest organ, our skin. Once Olivia learned about the medicinal properties found in herbs, she began using them to make her own products in a quest to cut dangerous synthetics out of her life. After years of research, recipes, and trial-runs, Olivia decided to share her passion with the world in hopes of helping everyone live a healthier life.


Olea Herbals is a company of passionate integrity. Our purpose runs deeper than clean skincare. We exist to strengthen people’s relationships with themselves by connecting them to their natural environment. Herbalism has a place in everyone's life, and we hope to bring our customers closer to nature through the use of our products. We're committed to helping you connect deeper to medicinal plants so you can always be In Good Nature.